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LifeWorks Career Counseling & Assessment Services

Whether you are considering a new career path, experiencing issues at work, or a student facing choices and decisions to shape your future career, it often feels overwhelming, and filled with uncertainty and questions.  The process toward meeting your goals can be reframed however, into an engaging opportunity for growth, which I look forward to assisting you with.  Each step we take will move you closer to the career you desire, through a manageable and enlightening process.

Career Exploration

The process of identifying a satisfying career path and charting the course that will get you there.

Job Search & Development  

Assistance with search techniques, interview preparation, resume revision, and networking to maximize results.


An individualized in-depth Exploratory or Focused Career Assessment, utilizing a variety of instruments, tools, and techniques. Full report of results and recommendations delivered within 14 business days.                                  

Worklife Management   

Assistance with on-the-job issues: workload organization; difficult co-workers or supervisor; new responsibilities; first-time manager issues; resolving conflict and productivity issues.

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A message to consider:

My premise on career is that it affects every aspect of our identity...shapes it, develops it, and presents barriers to personal life situations that affect family, friends, and our well being.  It affects our core belief regarding personal abilities, hopes, and dreams.  Our career choice defines a certain portion of who we believe ourselves to be...and choosing that path in light of interests, skills, aptitudes, and personality shapes each of our futures - not just professionally, but personally with and among those we love.  It is the one area of life we compete with each day and control by our presence and engagement.  Career ultimately defines our sense of 'professional' worth personally, interpersonally, and spiritually.

Therefore, if you sought out the services of someone with expertise to help clarify the paths available for you to follow, that you're most likely to succeed in and that are most satisfying to you, assist you with work life transitions or workplace issues, that person would most likely be a Career Counselor.  This is your career path, your work life...the place you will spend approximately 12, 183 days of your life, and most certainly deserves attention to help make the most of those days.  By working with a Career Counselor your interests, skills, aptitudes, and personality can be directed toward a career experience that becomes not only work, but an experience of purpose and satisfaction.  This is the goal I look forward to assisting you with. 
                                                                                 Donna J. Seering, MA, CRC, CVE, PVE

LifeWorks serves the following regions:
Anne Arundel, Prince Georges, Montgomery Counties Maryland/ Washington, D.C./ Alexandria and Arlington, VA

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